Monday, June 20, 2016

Perfect Imperfection

We had another amazing Regional Convention this past weekend.  We are newly determined to be loyal and strong, and focus on what is truly important!  

After being away for most of four days, though, we were all so glad to get home.  We found ripe strawberries in the garden, dried out lavender in the front of the house where the sun had baked them, and a riot of color in our eclectic wild flower garden.  And SOMETHING ate the baby cucumber seedlings - AGAIN!  If I plant again today or tomorrow,  it will be the fourth time this summer!  A mystery that has yet to be solved...

Rz and Kia ran around giddily in the last rays of sunlight yesterday evening, collecting pretty handfuls of blossoms to fill up bud vases with little bouquets all over the house.  I had to remind them to leave a few in the garden!  But sure enough, when we got up this morning, there were more blooms than ever - notably the big red Shirley poppies!

I've changed my mind.  I like red flowers in the garden after all!

And getting up this morning to another fresh Monday was a wonderful feeling!