Monday, June 20, 2016

Home Maintenance

Our cement patio was surrounded by a wood panel topped with large, tinted panes of glass.  Originally placed to cut the wind flow in the seating area, I presume.  However, the patio slopes away from the house and the lawn slopes toward the patio, leading to drifts of snow and puddles of standing rain water sitting against the wooden panels, year after year. Eventually it was evident that the panels had rotted through from moisture damage and needed attention.  

After brainstorming some possible solutions, we decided to remove the panels (or at least most of them) and put a wooden deck over the cement.  And so began demolition.

Here's the supports with the wooden slats removed.  It had just rained here, and you can see how the water pools in this area.  

J dug out a trench along the cement pad and we filled it with compost and pine needles.  We used the sod to build up the grade in a low part of the yard where we've been concerned with flooding.

Here's the Inspector, thinking hard!

Then it was time to plant the newly purchased blueberry shrubs!  They have the potential to grow to about 2 feet high and 2 feet wide - the variety is called Brazelberries.  They leaves turn purple and crimson come fall.  We love adding food value to the landscaping!  Plus, we think it will be a nice border along the patio.  The west wall has trellises of grapes growing.  We haven't quite decided yet how we will make that work.

All three kids worked so willingly to make our outside living area useful and pretty!  The job isn't finished yet.  We still have to take out the posts and glass and we will need to rent a truck to take materials to the dump or eco-center.  Then we hope to make a nice wooden slatted deck, less than a foot above the ground.  I'm looking forward to going outside without chilling my feet on concrete!

Inside the house, we have some things to attend to as well.  The original mirrored, sliding closet doors were worn out and kept jumping their tracks so we had to use our entire body mass to move the silly things. We have talked about building trendy barn doors, installing white curtain panels (quickly dismissed by my dear husband!), and then decided to just remove the doors and live with the closets open for a while!

Ry's closet
The people who lived here before us evidently spent considerable effort to install elegant closet organizers in each bedroom.  They have served us well in lieu of extensive dressers, and keep things looking pretty neat.  A bonus of having no doors is that messes and untidiness can't be hidden, and gets dealt with immediately by the closet owner, or me!

J's Closet
 Plus, all these sturdy shelves make pretty neat places to hide!