Sunday, June 5, 2016

A New Summer

J in the Rose Garden
J has done his share of eye-rolling when I want to plant more flowers.  He prefers edible things.  This year the rose garden has exploded with flowers, and even my practical husband has enjoyed himself out there!

Thrift Store Find
 I went looking for a metal mixing bowl at Value Village and found a set of three, never used enamel bowls for $4.99.  I snatched them up gleefully and we have been using them ever since!

My Boy in the Apple Tree
This boy always seems to be in a tree.  He's getting so big and brave, but occasionally I will hear sobbing from outdoors and realize he needs rescuing.  Especially when he climbs trees without the benefits of shirt protection!

Spontaneous Bouquets Everywhere!

Playing with K's Hair Again

Still Life

Another Bouquet and Recently Thrifted Dictionary

Rolling Farmland Near Hairy Hill
Last Friday we had a blast visiting our friends at the last rural homeschool day in Hairy Hill. Hotdogs and watermelon for lunch, the kids all showing a little presentation of something they've learned, an obstacle course, a scavenger hunt and a small, delightful surprise for each mama from our younglings.  Our hostess Dana is the best!

It's about an hour and a half drive each way. We had so much fun all day, but on the way home we were all getting a little cranky from being in the van so long.  So we stopped at Elk Island Park visitor center, to stretch everybody's legs.  We've never been there before, but I'm anxious to go back and do some exploring past the park gates.

Commemorating the Conclusion of Another School Year

Beautiful Barn at Elk Island Park

Marveling at Woodland Dandelions