Monday, May 23, 2016

To May 17

It was an ordinary week, excitement coming in the form of a new cookbook from Amazon coming in the mail.  "Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinner" set off a frenzy of making yummy, comfort food and occasionally snapping photos of the process!

Waffles for lunch one day

One afternoon was beautifully sunny and green, but so windy that being outside was out of the question.  Kia and I turned the couch around and toasted our toes in the sunshine while we indulged in some book reading.  The view of the expanding flower bed was not bad too.

South view

I did something highly unusual for me - I signed up for a one-evening painting class through the city arts program.  The theme was sunflowers, so I couldn't help myself.  Here's my work in progress:

A rare photo of J and the littlest, out for Pho.

The hardy Alberta roses are thriving in the sunlight and the bumble bees are ever so busy and happy.

Everything is filling in, in front of the house.

A lovely place to contemplate the cars go by and sip a cup of coffee!