Friday, May 13, 2016

Second Week of May in Photos

The rest of the apple trees have bloomed now

There's hungry baby sparrows in that little house!  More birdies to eat mosquitos...

Matching new meeting clothes from Marks & Spencer, ordered all the way from the UK!

Faucet needed replacing so I could get this pile of dishes done!

Sibling buddies.

Fresh lilacs in an old camping coffee pot.  (Our table needs refinishing, can you tell?)

Thanks, big sister!  

Garden path.

Bench under the lilacs.  Smells soooo good!

Garden scene captured by a youngling on my phone

Anonymous perennial greens coming up.  Still not sure what this is...

Back yard tulips opening up in my wild flower garden.  

Evening decompressing with Daddy, watching 80's music videos!

Fresh rhubarb, combined with a jar of apple butter for yummy fruit crumble.

Feeling artistic with seasalt and rosemary in the mortar.  Marinated rosemary lemon chicken on caesar salad for supper tonight!

Comfiest new top from Costco to face my Friday in!  Photo by Kia.