Sunday, May 1, 2016

Reuse Visit

When Joe needed to use the van last week and the kids and I had plans to visit the Reuse Centre, it was time to haul out the bikes from winter storage.  Happily, they hadn't sustained any damage apart from needing air in the tires topped up, and off we went.  

Of course, the way home was rather brutal with a bike trailer overflowing with my favorite 4 year old, 2000 matching watercolor envelopes, and this stack of hardcover books (for someone's project).  I had better not complain though, as I certainly didn't need to take the whole box.  My kids and I, as well as my extended family will all be painting on envelopes for many years to come. 

One thing that almost got left behind was a slightly damaged corkboard, but I'm glad we salvaged it after all.  I was able to glue gun the edges and make it sturdy again, then cover it with linen fabric I had from another Reuse Center trip.  We traced around a starfish we have at home, then put down craft glue and salvaged white, natural and clear buttons.  It makes a perfect decoration for Kia's new beach-themed bedroom!  As well, it makes a perfect pair with the heart I made a long time ago - so now we have a matching set!