Monday, May 23, 2016

Mini Field Trip

One day we decided to do schoolwork at the Muttart and then do some exploring.  In the end, not too much formal book-learning got done, but we sure had fun!  I figure there's got to be days like that, too.

Ry's grade 7 science includes bridges and structures, so we decided to explore a couple of foot bridges, one over a road and one over the river.  He was excited to identify some of the structural components and point out to us how they worked.

Great view of the city skyline, looking north.

And then we went into the pyramids to do school assignments, but mostly we just took pictures and breathed in the atmosphere.  The annual pass has been a hit already this year.

I call this one Monkey-Monkey for a reason...

Impromptu photo shoot.  You should see this boy's photos!!

Lush and green

A bit of sketching...

Desert Biome
Photo by Kia

Photo by Kia

And then the favorite thing of all: climb the grassy hill and run around the edges of the glass pyramids.  If they can freak out small children on field trips, the glee increases. (This was unauthorized by any parent!)