Sunday, May 29, 2016

Last Weekend in May

We started our Saturday out in the ministry.  We got to try cart witnessing at the park and started the convention invitation work.

Above you see perennial sweet rocket.  Ever since this stuff came up this spring I've been trying to remember what it is!  I planted a bunch of perennial herbs and greens last summer, but lost track of which was which.  These guys didn't even come up last year, so they were quite the surprise!  The young leaves and the flowers are edible and very high in vitamins C, A and folate.  However, too much can make you vomit, so proceed in moderation!

The tomatoes like the front south window, but with a bit too much shelter and lots of sun, they've gotten a bit spindly.  So we are trying to harden them off for a few days, bringing them outside for the day and back in for the cold night.  My mom tells me to add more dirt to the pots and make them grow stronger.  

We will be replanting the carrots, which never really came up.  We're not sure if it was my planting technique or the lack of moisture at the beginning of May.  Just to be safe, I'm making sure J does the replanting!

With an afternoon meeting this year, we enjoy taking out time Sunday mornings to cuddle and putter about.  I finished my morning cup of coffee in peace then one by one the younglings crowded into my pillow space on the floor in the sunshine.  While not the most flattering photo, it was a moment I want to remember, my arms full of people I love.

In our efforts to simplify and keep things neat and organized, we've been pretty good about keeping clutter off night tables in the bedroom.  Which makes it a perfect spot to put a little vase of garden flowers to wake up to!

J reminded me about the last few stalks of asparagus in the garden, so I ran out quickly and plucked them, along with a green onion and some young sweet rocket leaves.  We diced then sauteed them with some purchased mushrooms and an orange bell pepper in leftover bacon grease, added a mixture of eggs with a splash of almond milk, popped the whole skillet in the oven for a few minutes and voila - frittata!  

In the afternoon J gave the public talk in Primrose, and a bunch of friends took us out to an Indian buffet for supper.  So nice to visit and catch up on old times!