Sunday, May 1, 2016

Initial Planting Complete

One of the nice things about the raised garden beds is the extra heat they seem to retain.  We seem to have a bit of a micro-climate in our back yard, which is sheltered by large trees and surrounded by the dark stained fence which attracts heat as well.  We feel reasonably comfortable having finished planting the garden yesterday despite it being the last day of April.

I should amend that - the tomatoes are still getting established in pots in the house.  We probably won't transplant them for another month or so.  And if frost or a cold snap is forecast, we may have to run out and cover the beds with tarps overnight.  But we optimistically hope for an early harvest this year!

The apples are blooming like crazy.  Last year's snowstorm wiped out most of the blossoms so it's like the tree took a year's vacation from fruit production!  It seems to be making up for lost time.  Hopefully no May blizzards this year!

The hardy pear tree we planted two summers ago has blooms for the first time!  They smell so nice too.

We overwintered the bell pepper and jalapeno pepper plants in pots in the house.  J brought them out and put them back into the garden to thrive in the sunshine.  The tall grassy stalk at the front is lemongrass, which is lovely for marinating meat or just pouring hot water over to enjoy as tea.

Nanking Cherry Bush