Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Apple Blossoms 
All of the above flower closeups taken by our Kia girl.

The front yard is pretty with the rose bushes all leafing out.  But behind them, in the big, sunny bed under the window, exhilaration is in the details!

The mint I planted last summer under the new apple tree has come up on its own.  Yes, I know it's invasive!  And I hope it does invade, as a fragrant ground cover that we will use to make copious amounts of fresh, minty tea!

Above, you can see more ground cover that I'm coaxing along.  The sedum is back and beginning to spread, and I'm so excited to see that at least one of the portulaca plants from last year has survived and is bigger than ever!  This sheltered corner of our yard is so hot and dry, and the big rocks that someone dotted the garden with seem to trap enough heat that these little desert-y flowers made it through the winter! I've never had that happen anywhere else.

The poppies from the wildflower mix I scattered last summer are blooming...

And the pink and white (and one orange!) tulips are blooming around the bed's perimeter.

It's been nice enough outside that the houseplants can get a little air and sunshine.

It's hard not to feel excited with all these green and growing things!