Monday, May 23, 2016

Beautifully Ordinary

May moves along inexorably.  I've become fascinated by hosta plants, but our site is so sunny that I've never found a spot for them.  (The east side of the house is permanently gloomy from the ancient spruce trees that tower over the house, sucking up all moisture and making the soil far too acidic for planting.)  So when the urge overcame me and I picked up a cart full of woodland type plants and flowers, we planted them into pots in the shady corner of the patio.  So far so good! 

J sometimes brings his laptop outside to work on the patio, so I justified it as a way to make his work environment more pleasant!  In the pots around the top of the windbreak, I've planted alyssum to spill white blossoms over the pot edges as summer progresses.  So far, there's only tiny green sprouts.    

Three hostas, three calla lilies, two types of ivy, two types of ferns, two bleeding hearts, some impatiens, a resurrected basil plant and spider plant babies tucked around the perimeter of each pot.  We'll see how this experiment goes!

Here's a side view.  On the white trellis behind are grape vines. As they fill in and get thick, hopefully they will shade the little woodland flower garden from the fiercest sun.

Lily of the Valley is quite invasive under one of the apple trees but it smells so good that I just don't mind!  It's a beautiful ground cover, and if I want to plant something else, I just move a spadeful of Lily of the Valleys elsewhere.  Looks pretty in one of the little milk glass vases on our bedside too!

On the discount shelf at Home Depot I found four slightly frowzy lavender plants and a salvia plant at half price.  I had tried to start lavender from seed unsuccessfully, so I snatched these up and tucked them into our very hot front flower bed and into pots flanking the garage.  With all the lovely rain we've had the past few days, they are making quite a comeback.  Yay!

On the rainy days we've had lately, J has been making a fire in the stove for us to snuggle around.  A lovely place to rest and do Bible reading.

Last Thursday, we drove Ry to Argyll to work with his teacher and discovered that the school was closed for a 5-day May long weekend.  Okay then.  So we went to the library and finished his assignments there. 

Of course, an empty shelf seems to be a "Take a picture of us, Mom!" kind of opportunity.  

Heard water running one day and looked out the bedroom window to find this:

It did a mother's heart good!

Love this photo Ry took of me at the Muttart last week.  In my happy place, among the flowers.

Then there was a selfie, all dressed up to polish off a little work from home.  I've taken over the software sales and support end of our business ( and it's keeping me busy, but thankfully still at home with my younglings!

My favorite color of roses, cream and blush pink, from the front yard.

And wild Alberta roses:

On Friday we went bowling for the first time this summer, with the Kids Bowl Free summer passes.  The kids begged to go to the dollar store first, and Ry treated himself and his siblings to furry animal hats.  Two husky pups and a tiger kitten, who didn't want to be photographed in it this time.

Last night, J started teaching Kia to play the guitar. It's too big for her to handle in the proper position, but she's been picking out the notes to her favorite Jack Johnson tune.