Friday, April 29, 2016


The tomatoes are up!  We planted three seeds to a solo cup just in case some didn't germinate.  Looks like we will need to sacrifice a few tomato-lets.  We planted five sets of each variety and labelled the cups for reference.  Hopefully we can keep better track this year once the plants get into the garden so we know what variety works out the best.

I love the rounded-ness of the little zinnia sprouts.  Can't wait til they are blooming in great bunches in the big pots flanking the garage this summer!

And last but not least in sprouting news... J picked up a package of mung bean seeds at Apache when we were there.  I poured a few into the bottom of this mason jar with a special sprouting lid, and added a little water.  A few days later, we were excited to have our own home-grown, fresh and crunchy sprouts with our burgers!