Monday, April 11, 2016

Fresh Farmhouse

Last Sunday, J gave the public talk in a small town an hour and a bit east.  We met some new friends, who are connected to old friends, and had such a great time!

Leroy and Dana raise black and red Angus cattle, and school their three sweet kids at home.  We got invited to their house for a fabulous pancake lunch and spent the afternoon catching up as if we were long lost kindred spirits.  J had a slightly dazed and dizzy look as Dana and I talked non-stop, leaping from topic to topic with no apparent transition.  Tools for sensory processing, quilting, the price of getting a side of beef, people we know, books we've both read, books we recommend, decorating, paint colors, their adoption story, how we already knew each others' families, raised garden beds, simplifying... 

I am in love with Dana's decorating taste!  I felt like I'd walked into a working version of Pinterest. With her permission, here is a glimpse into their busy, happy home.  Check out the livingroom chandelier!

North wall of living room with desk

Chalkboard and visual aid to learning Bible books

South wall of livingroom with wee people desk

Laundry area with folding table

Two of my favorite things: Gingham and blue-and-white!

Even though it's an hour and 17 minute drive, the kids and I plan to join their family and other friends for their next rural homeschool day.  Can't wait!