Monday, April 18, 2016

Food in Color

I've been reading a lot about how sugar keeps us fat!  Not just white sugar either, but white potatoes, bread, pasta, even fruit juice all spike our blood sugar.  Then our body has to hustle out extra insulin to balance the sugar, and our bodies get the signal to use sugar instead of the fat in storage.  Some people are more sensitive to carbs than others, but this is how it generally works.  If you crank your insulin levels back and forth by ingesting sugar frequently, it seems that you're more likely to get diabetes in time.

Even though our kids are all mean, lean eating machines, I'm anxious to set their bodies up with good practices and educate them and their tastebuds so they continue to eat well as adults.  I try to make sure that they ingest protein with their carbs when possible, and make carbs higher in fiber to slow down the sugar rush. It's not all perfect in practice, but that's the direction we're pointed in.

Here's an example of a meal we enjoyed other night.

Baked Yams

Baked Wild Sole with cilantro, lemon and pepper

Caesar Salad with oranges for dessert