Friday, March 4, 2016


Part of me wants to purge every excess material belonging we own so we can be free as birds, with nothing to dust or clean around!  (It's okay Mom, don't hyperventilate!)  The other part of me wants to Nest (with a capital N) and feather that nest with pretty, sentimental things.  And lots and lots of flowers and plants!  

The Boston Fern above is new, the milk jug belonged to my grandparents while they raised their tribe on the farm.  The vintage set of Anne of Green Gables are from the 1930's, and belonged to my Mom's mom, my "Granny from Hylo".  

I bought this round, oak framed mirror at a garage sale a few years ago.  As our house is a little heavy on the oak as it is, I painted it light grey for awhile and it spent some time above the entrance table. Then I decided to paint it a distressed blue.  As you can, the results were less than stellar.  It resides in the closet for now until I work up the energy to paint it white.

I do have a thing for white accessories.  And I've never met a milk glass vase I didn't like.  So most of my window sills have a few of them lined up.  I couldn't resist the pretty, exotic flowering plant and parked it beside the aquaponics tank we got restarted last week.  (The wheat grass is high now.)

And then there were small clutches of tulips at the grocery store for a dollar a stem...

On one of our Wednesdays together, Rz and I drove out to Sherwood Park to visit the Value Village there as well as Greenland Garden Centre.  I came home with two new-to-me meeting outfits, a turquoise tote bag and a small collection of succulent plants to make a little garden in the wire birdcage you see below.  This summer, I will hang the cage outside in our hottest, driest spot near the front door.  For now, it gets all the sunlight our south facing front window can provide.

Post Costco trip: toilet paper towers, testing the laws of physics.  

These wooden blocks were made for me as a baby by my then-teenage Uncle Norman.  I was the first of his nieces and nephews and I got lots of attention, I'm happy to recall!  My mom then painted them with letters and numbers to give me a jumpstart on education, no doubt.  A few months ago, she rounded them up and gave them to me.  I wasn't sure what to do with them, but a large glass vase fits them just right and looks really neat on one side of the piano.  Although every time they catch my eye, I get the urge to rub them with homemade beeswax paste and freshen them up.  So far this Sidetracked Home Executive has resisted the urge.  After all, unloading the dishwasher should probably come first.

Then back to Muttart Conservatory for some lovely spring smells.  Even though outside the pyramids, spring seems far away.

J treated us to supper at a new restaurant near Whyte Ave called 'Meat'.  Delicious smoked applewood chicken and ribs and brisket and brussel sprouts and collard greens...  But a little part of me (that occasionally goes vegetarian and then back to omnivore) felt vaguely guilty sitting in a place that proudly announces that they smoke and serve 700 pounds of meat daily.  (I think it's just a Me thing.)

And last but not least, Rz was so excited to share copies of this year's memorial invitation that we had to keep him from running from door to door.