Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Final Delay

Suddenly mid January was upon us, and we were packing up to go home.  Originally we had intended to stay until January 31, but business was calling J, and I decided we should all go home together. (Of course I changed my mind within hours of changing the tickets, but...c'est la vie.)

The airport was within easy walking distance of our place, but because of all our luggage, friends came to drive us the few blocks.  Minutes before they arrived, the rain began to fall.  With a vengeance.  (By the time it ceased, it had rained 8 inches in 8 hours.)  At the airport, we waited and waited as they kept delaying the flight.  There was too much water on the runway, and the winds were too strong to land the plane safely.  Five hours past our original departure time, West Jet decided to put everyone up in a hotel for the night, and shuttled everyone by taxi-van to El Presidente.  

We had a lovely supper and a gorgeous room, while the pouring rain continued most of the night.  

When we woke up to a beautiful morning, we knew this really was the end of our vacation.  The taxis returned at 8 am to return us all to the airport, and away we went.

Back to the airport: check-in, security, waiting...  Then off we went.  

Until we meet again, Cozumel!