Sunday, February 21, 2016

Then the Sun Came Out

After J's arrival, the sun began to come out, tentatively at first, but we went to the beach anyway! The best beaches are on the relatively isolated "Wild Side", about 40 pesos by taxi for the return trip if you can convince them to give you the "locals" price.  

We have some crazy stories about taxis and misunderstandings.  One taxi driver insisted on the return payment up front, but guaranteed his return by leaving us with his laminated working badge.  One night our lady taxi driver didn't show up for us (turned out she came 10 minutes early and we weren't at the meeting point yet so she left), and there was no cell reception, and most people had left for the day.  We were getting very stressed, but then someone flagged down a police cargo van and they offered us a ride back to town.  We were so happy and relieved to be squished together on benches in the back of a van with a wide open cargo door with nothing but a handcuff rail to hold on to.  At one point they made an unexpected stop, one jumped out and ran up the stairs to an isolated beach bar. He came back with an icy cold can of Sprite for each of the kids and away we went again. When they dropped us off at our house we shook hands with every officer and Kia even hugged the closest one to her!  

This beautiful, wild beach was named Chen Rio.  There was a rocky reef that held back the huge breakers, giving us calm, salty water to float in, more or less room temperature and oh so clear.

We ended up coming out to this beach once a week, sometimes twice.  Especially on Sundays, Christmas and New Year's Day, the beach was scattered with Mexican families having picnics and wading in the clear, warm water.  Once in awhile a bus would bring a load of tourists from the cruise ships but they were usually all gone after an hour or two.  (We never like to think of US as being tourists!)

 One Friday afternoon, our friends invited us to a beach club to enjoy some snacks, beverages and a beautiful sunset.

This was R's favorite place to snorkel.  He even got his finger bitten quite hard by a parrot fish!