Monday, February 22, 2016

Just Another Beach Day

Some enterprising fellow brought his pet iguanas and parrot to the beach.  He would let you pet them and take photos holding them, with the expectation that you would be kind enough to make a donation.  It seemed worth it, though perhaps the animals felt it was a matter of exploitation, I'm not sure.

Brothers with fresh coconuts to drink

R got to indulge every sand digging fantasy he's ever had!

A bit of a goofball, he is

Beautiful Chen Rio

With the beach mostly to ourselves

The sweetest story of the photo above...before we left the older kids were going through an irritable stage where they couldn't stand being near each other.  Something about our tiny Mexican house, or being in this adventure as a family or... who knows.  But they gradually began to seem a little less allergic to each other.  On this particular day, Ry had got salt water under his goggles and was feeling so much pain he couldn't open his eyes to walk back to our towels.  There was his little sister, taking his hand and leading him back.  It was only later once I downloaded the photo that I realized the trail of footprints they had left in the foreground.  Love it!

Glorious Sky-Scapes

Someone's front wall cacti

Lots of playgrounds

Waiting out a brief rain storm under an awning

Ry's dream was to climb a palm tree and pick his own coconut to drink.  At first it seemed that all the coconut trees belonged to someone, or were way too high to safely scale.  Then one evening at the playground, he spotted a low growing coconut palm covered in ripe coconuts.  He was able to twist one off and heave it at the sidewalk until it cracked.  Then he drank every last drop of coconut goodness.