Friday, February 26, 2016

City Life

I had never seen a hibiscus blossom unfurling before!  These three photos are from La Casa Mission.

You could also take a "Tequila Tour" of a distillery on the grounds of this restaurant, but we never did.

Not far from the place where we would use the pool, we discovered the best playground every!  Lots of play structures, swings and perpetually green, artificial turf.  Best part?  No dog poop!!  I don't know how they managed it.  There were also benches for tired mamas and built in elliptical machines if parents wanted to exercise!  (Unfortunately built with a rather shorter Mexican person in mind, so a little awkward for me - I made more use of the benches.)

We set off for service one afternoon but it started to rain.  No matter, the rain is quite warm and we had an umbrella to share.

This delightful mural was painted on the outside of our favorite restaurant's garden wall.

Renzo built up quite the endurance for walking, but after a few km, his little legs would get too slow for us to bear and one of us would scoop him up for a piggy back ride.  

The day we all went downtown to the dentist for cleanings and checkups ($30 US for Kia and Rz, $50 US each for the rest of us), we decided to try another recommended seafood restaurant.  

Here's Kia, breathing in the contents of the tortilla basket!  Gluten free!
 This time we ordered a whole, deep fried red snapper served with tortillas and extra guacamole and chips.  Amazingly, our kids ate it, despite presentation!

On our way back that day, my eye was caught by the little scene above.  It was just a little side alley with access to some apartments, but the colors took my breath away!