Friday, February 19, 2016

Catching Up

Anyone miss me?  I've had my annual fluctuation on whether to continue blogging or not, and tonight  I just felt like it was time again.  For those of you who already follow us on Instagram, these photos are not new, but in the interest of continuity, I will post a small collection to show what we've been up to.

December 1, I packed up all three kids and headed to the little Mexican island of Cozumel.  This trip was so long anticipated that I gathered every last shred of fortitude to set off as a temporary single mom since J had pressing business he needed to be in Canada for and at the last minute was not able to leave on schedule. 

I still am in awe that we were able to pull off that little feat.  With the help of prayer, and a CozumeleƱa friend who insisted on flying to meet me on the mainland to help with luggage and kids on the ferry across to the island, we arrived.  Jet lagged, exhausted and culture shocked.  But oh so grateful to be there.

To be continued...