Sunday, November 1, 2015

Stocking Up

When I was out visiting my parents a few days ago, my mom mentioned that spaghetti sauce was on sale at the local grocery store for $1.99, less than half its regular price.  So I went on over and loaded up a cart with four each of all six flavors that didn't have cheese ingredients (some of us can't tolerate dairy). I got a few funny looks in the checkout line as they were my only purchase, but I just let them wonder!  

Felt kinda funny considering all the tomatoes we grew this year!  But Classico spaghetti sauce is not a bad thing to have on hand.  I tried to make spaghetti sauce with a batch of very ripe yellow tomatoes last week and cooked down, it was a very unattractive yellow-brown color that would not have appealed to my rather aesthetically sensitive (picky?) children.  So I froze the pureed brown tomato sauce into smallish bags and popped them in the freezer.  When we opened a jar of spaghetti sauce for supper the other night, I quietly slipped in a frozen bag of puree to bulk up the quantity of the meal.  It turned the commercial sauce a touch darker, but I didn't mention it, and nobody noticed.