Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tomato of the Day

Thursday brought several more gallons of ripe tomatoes to light.  Next project: "sundried" tomatoes.  I started out with cookie sheets of halved baby roma tomatoes in the oven, brushed with grapeseed oil and crushed pink sea salt.  I put them on at only 200 degrees, and with all the moisture in them, it seemed to take forever.  However, I left them on all night on low, and in the morning woke up to crispy, burned trays of tomatoes.  How disappointing!

The good news is, as there was no more oven room, I had dragged out the big nine tray dehydrator for the rest of the tomatoes.  As it is a large, awkward beast to carry, it has been dropped in transit to the kitchen a couple of times and had developed the most outrageous noise.  Of course, I only realized this when the box was fully loaded with trays, but it was far too stressful a noise to put up with for the 24 hours or so it would take to finish dehydrating.  

I googled and searched Youtube for troubleshooting, and came up with nothing useful.  So, we carefully pulled out all the trays and set to work dismantling the structure.  The shaft for the fan blades was too mobile, so allowed the blades to get too close and strike the motor housing.  I wasn't able to keep it from moving, but just pulled it into the desired position and reassembled the whole box carefully.  As long as it doesn't get jarred again, it seems fine.  

And here's the dehydrated tomatoes, all finished up and ready for storage.  They are delicious!