Monday, October 19, 2015


For our Family Worship Evening on Thursday, we prepared for the weekend's assembly.  In preparation, Ry got the fire going outside in the pit, and the marshmallow bag got brought out a little too early.  One small boy had a rather large portion of unroasted marshmallows before his parents even came outside and was a little wild for the duration of our evening, so we kept it fairly short and sweet.  We previewed the summary questions for the upcoming program and looked up the scriptures, so we'd  be familiar with the material. 

Saturday dawned early, as we were supposed to be at the Assembly Hall by 8 a.m.  As soon as we arrived, I was anxious to get a nice photo of the kids together, all dressed up.  Marshmallow Boy didn't like being told not to make goofy faces for the family photo, and decided he would not participate.  We decided to take the photo anyway, a freeze-frame of our family history!