Wednesday, October 21, 2015

In Sickness and Health

Tuesday morning, Rz woke up queasy.  Well, he didn't tell us that - instead he went to play Wii with his big brother and threw up a few minutes later.  And then on average, every 30 minutes or so from that point.  A couple of times I applied essential oils with anti-nausea properties to his tummy and soles of his feet, but that only slowed it down a little.  So we spent the day with him alternately dozing and vomiting.  After the rest of us had supper, I hurried to the drug store to buy some Pedialyte before J and the big kids headed off for the meeting, since they all had parts to give.  

The Pedialyte wouldn't stay down either, and by 8:30 pm or so, his vomiting was developing explosive force.  Alternately shivering and hot, his face looked greyish to me.  I texted J to come home from the meeting early.  He looked at our sick boy and suggested the hospital.  Since I couldn't get hold of the on-call pediatrician at the clinic, we decided to go.   

I was relieved and felt validated (I always feel just a touch paranoid taking my kids to Emerg but...) when the nurse assigned him the next available bed, in front of 7 or 8 other sick kids.  They gave him Zofran, a powerful anti-nausea drug, which he began to chew and immediately threw up.  It was wretched.  So they tried again, and told him to suck it instead of chew, which did the trick. Then his temperature flared and he was breathing hard, so they gave him Advil.

After half an hour, they let him suck 10 mL of Pedialyte from a syringe every 10 minutes.  To my relief, the liquid stayed down, and he was able to sleep in between drink allowances.  After about 45 minutes, he was stronger, and when I told him it was Drink Time, he would sit up in bed and gulp it down.  At one point he pointed at the tap in the room and asked if I thought the water in it would be any good to drink.  Poor thirsty boy!

The Pediatrician's opinion was that it's just a flu bug, and that in a day or two he'll have diarrhea like crazy, then be better.  So with a printout of instructions of what to watch for if he started with the vomiting again, we were nicely tucked into bed at home around 1:30 am.  

J agreed to drop Ry and Kia off at school in the morning, and I was looking forward to sleeping the morning away next to Rz.  But when he heard his big brother, he popped up out of bed happily and headed downstairs.  I stopped him halfway.  "You can't play Wii this morning, you're sick!"  His response: "My body is telling me I want to get up and go play Mario with Ry!"  So much for teaching kids to listen to their bodies!  

I offered him toast for breakfast, but he insisted on a large ham and cheese omelette made by Dad to go with the toast.  He ate every bite with a satisfied concluding burp.  Making up for yesterday's complete lack of solid food.  I was able to get laundry on and the house tidied by noon and he was ever so happy to rest on the couch watching Thomas and playing on my iPad.  His eyes tell me he's still not quite himself, but he sure does have his appetite back!