Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall Days

Any opportunity for a goofy face, Rz takes...
 We have taken the bus a few more times in the past weeks.  One day when J had taken the van out of town for the afternoon, we had the urge to pick up new material from the library.  A short stroll to the end of the block where the bus stop is, and away we went.  The Millwoods library is a major transit point so when it was time to come home, we picked a bus, any bus, going in the direction of home. Except this particular bus route took a big, round about loop aaaaall the way around Millwoods, and it took us 45 minutes or more to get home!  It wasn't unpleasant (other than a few odd and slightly scary characters riding with us part of the way) and we arrived not too long before J got home from working.  Between biking, and taking the bus this summer, we've gotten to know our own little neck of the woods much better.  I really like living in Millwoods.

Yesterday, we concocted a batch of gluten free cinnamon buns with a challah dough recipe from the Gluten Free Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day recipe book.  I had chicken soup stock cooking away on low, and combined with the yeasty, fresh bread smells coming from the oven, so reminiscent of my Granny's farmhouse kitchen that it might have brought tears to your eyes.  Should one be so inclined.  (I am.)

When we had accomplished enough schoolwork for one day, we headed over to Totem Outfitters to get outfitted with skating gear for everyone.  They have a huge selection of new and used sports equipment.  Big news:  not only did the Littlest get skates, so did I!  I haven't skated since grade 7, and for someone who dreads all things winter, this is a big deal!  I will be brave.

Friday mornings our homeschool group has free family skating at an indoor rink, and today was the first day of the season.  I had scheduled a Bible study with a friend, and I didn't want to disappoint her, so today J took the kids.  Next week, I'm up!

Last night, we ate our supper outside by a bonfire, probably the last of the season.  Ry busied himself raking leaves, mostly so he and his siblings would have something to jump into!

Then they climbed up into the upper arms of the biggest apple tree to get all the crisp, red apples from the top.  They must have picked 4 or 5 grocery bags, but it hasn't made a dent in what's there. It was really the only tree that produced this year, so we're not taking them for granted.

The trees and foliage and sky were so pretty, I had to keep taking just one more photo after another until the sun was gone.