Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bringing in the Harvest

There's not much left in the garden these days.  A few crisp, orange carrots snuggled up to their shoulders in dirt.  Some overgrown beets. Several robust stands of kale and swiss chard which should last until the snow is well underway.

Last night we brought in the tomatoes.  They had their chance to produce vine-ripened offspring all summer, but only a handful at a time ever ripened outdoors. So we picked the vines clean last night, and they will have to do their ripening in the cold room, or in cardboard trays slid under our bed. Good thing it's a big bed!

We may have to try a Fried Green Tomatoes recipe for the first time, considering what we have to work with!

Ry sorted the ripest tomatoes into a large bowl on the counter, and we've been marveling at the variety of shapes and colors.  

J dug up the thriving patch of rosemary, a green pepper and his pet jalapeno pepper, and put them into pots so we can try and overwinter them all in the south livingroom window.  These were just the jalapenos that came away as I was trying to prune and shape that plant a little, to get rid of a few of the frost-bitten outer leaves.

We have to get back out there in the garden to turn all the dead vines under the soil and get things in order.  The garlic bulbs arrived from Veseys and we'll do a big fall planting of garlic so it comes up first thing in the spring.  And so another season has cycled.