Monday, September 21, 2015


One weekend in September, we tried to do an outdoor movie night.  We invited a few other families over for a bbq, and set up a screen and projecter outside to watch the Paddington movie.

The kids were so excited to have friends over, that getting their help preparing was a pleasure. Here Kia is making punch, Ry mincing vegetables for homemade burgers, and Rz doing a bit of taste testing on the punch.

Make that a double taste test...

Supper was great, the company even better.  Kia and a few of her friends thought they would take special seats on the balconey for movie viewing.  However, about 15 minutes into Paddington, the clouds gathered in record time to begin a downpour.  We will attempt a movie night again next summer.

The very next day, there was a gathering in the park after the meeting for one of our favorite friends who happens to be moving to Hong Kong for the next year.  It was a beautiful, chilly fall afternoon and we were all grateful for the large outdoor fireplace!

The sister organizing the gathering planned a photo scavenger hunt for kids and adults alike.  Our mission:  to collect photos of found objects that looked like letters of the alphabet.  Each group had a different fruitage of the spirit word to gather the letters for.

Can you decipher from the following photos what word my friend Catherine and I found?


It was a beautiful afternoon that stretched into the evening, and some of us had a hard time packing it up to go home.  Kevin is a beloved part of our congregation and will be dearly missed in the months to come.  So we just stayed and visited into the evening until the fire burned down low.

Love this taking-a-selfie photo of Rz with Kevin, the guest of honor.

Now THAT was a very satisfying weekend!