Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Out and About

There's been a few times in the past few weeks that J has needed the van for business purposes, so the kids and I have taken the bus to get to our destinations.  $9 for a pass that lets a parent and up to four kids ride the bus anywhere in the city all day?  Cheaper than a second vehicle!  Plus, I feel it's important that the kids be comfortable using public transit independently some day.  Check Life Skills training on the homeschool curriculum! 

Rz can't let an opportunity for a silly face go by.
Something nice about walking or taking the bus, is that a person gets a chance to see parts of ones own city that might be overlooked just driving by.  It's been awhile since I was downtown in Churchill Square, and didn't realize that there are giant checkers and chess games available for playing.  Not to mention an open-air ping pong table and tables and chairs to enjoy food from various food trucks parked along the edges of the square.

We were delighted to see a La Poutine food truck parked the day we were there.  Kia and I took advantage of the chance to have poutine made with vegan "cheese" and GF gravy.  Hot and tasty, though I'm pretty sure we could recreate the effect at home without too much trouble.

Our destination that particular day was the Art Gallery of Alberta, since we had tickets included in our Edmonton Attractions Pass.   

Here's Ry exploring perspective and 3D imagery in the Childrens Gallery.

And Kia being overwhelmed (or maybe underwhelmed?) by one of the sculpture displays.

Okay, so maybe I'm just not an art person, but once again the art gallery was a big disappointment. The kids kept saying, "THIS is ART?"  The display named "Italian Baroque Masterworks" had Ry clutching at his stomach in dismay.  It really was pretty dark.  

There was one thing we all enjoyed though.  In one of the galleries, a simple bookbinding display was set up and the staff member walked the kids through the steps of creating their own 8 page notebook using just one large sheet of paper.  Rz needed more than a little assistance, but he happily clutched his new, small, green notebook all the way home.


Yes, I'd say the notebooks were a hit.