Thursday, September 3, 2015

Officially Back to School

August 31 was the day the kids and I agreed would be our official back to school kickoff.  Buying more school supplies was not quite a Need, but we splurged on a few new items from Dollarama, Superstore and Amazon.  It did seem to improve morale and build some excitement for the new year.
Since our school board hasn't officially opened yet, we are following our own agenda.  Math workbooks, some history lessons, chapter book assignments, scripture memorization.  I will be deciding Kia's curriculum (aka parent-directed) this year, so the only thing that's really missing is the science portion at this point.  (The Argyll library wont release the curriculum booklets until the teacher-directed students all have first dibs, much to my annoyance!)

We've been starting each school day with a half hour at the local playground after breakfast to burn off some excess energy in advance!  Then half hour increments of core subjects.  Lunch.  Then art, more physical activity and time to play or read on their own. 

While I help the older kids, Rz plays with Lego close by or amuses himself with a few toys.  If my help isn't needed with Ry or Kia, I'm free to read Rz stories or work on preschool activities. 

So far so good. 

Illustrating a history lesson on Hammurabi and the Babylonians.