Friday, September 4, 2015

Found Objects

When we were out doing errands Tuesday afternoon, we pulled into the Find Store to check for a large, used crockpot.  (Mine broke after its last batch of plum jam!)  No crockpots there turned out to be worth taking home, but of course one has to do a small tour of the store, just in case something interesting turns up.

Sure enough, I'd been hankering for a smallish, wooden desk to put in front of the bedroom window for Bible reading and journal writing sort of things.  This vintage school table was a bit rough in spots, but ever so solid other than an unglued piece.  As I contemplated, another lady and her daughter moved in and started eyeing the piece.  Which, of course sealed the decision and I stayed right there until Ry could go get an employee to slap a SOLD sticker on it.

Here it is, in its place at home, paired with Granny Sylvia's dining chair.  It needs some refinishing love (and possibly raising a few inches so I can better fit my knees beneath) but for now, it just suits my fancy.  And if ever it isn't needed here, it will make a fine little side table for any bed or couch.

I sure do love old furniture!