Sunday, September 20, 2015

First Half of September

I haven't been posting much these days, preferring the instant gratification of Instagram feedback! But going through a bunch of photos this Sunday afternoon put me in the mood for collecting and sharing what we've been up to.

One Friday was so hot and sunny that J took the afternoon off work and we decided to take the kids to the beach at Wabamun.  We revelled in the sunshine, the fall foliage and the pleasure of having the mostly deserted beach to ourselves.  The water was still warm enough that the kids ran in and out all afternoon. I was a little worried about the dreaded "swimmers itch" but they came home unscathed.

One of Ryan's intricate roadway designs.
Baseball being played with a pinecone and sand shovel as equipment. 

Another day, we had an unscheduled visit to the pediatrician for something that turned out to be quite minor.  Since we were in the University area, afterwards we decided to try out the Remedy Cafe, that boasts of its vegan and gluten free menu options.  The boys devoured a huge puffed wheat square and Kia and I shared a filling butter-chicken GF wrap. We now have a new go-to place for lunch if we get stuck needing to eat out.  (Can you tell from the photo below that she was excited to have GF options?)

Then there was the afternoon I was stuck in a grumpy mood but J insisted I come with him and the kids for a long walk in Mill Creek ravine.  Sure enough, within about 10 minutes I was smiling again.  Nothing like a nature walk to balance out a bad mood!

I'm in love with these people...