Thursday, September 24, 2015

Afternoon at the Museum

After Ry's Thursday morning meeting with his teacher at Argyll, we decided to head over to the Royal Alberta Museum.  We've been there once a year on average since Ry was preschool age, so it's not exactly new material.  But since Kia is working on the Alberta theme for her Social Studies this year, I knew there would be lots of relevant information.  It's mostly all new to Rz, since he's only 4 and doesn't remember much from previous visits.

Only a month into the school year, and we've already made course corrections.  I was determined that this year we would follow a strict, half-hour increment schedule beginning with rising at 7 a.m.  The 7 a.m. start lasted all of two days.  The half hour increments died out after about a week.  The good news is - we're being much more flexible, and yet all required schooling is still getting done, with much more cheerfulness.

Boys checking out pyrite and other minerals.

A few of Alberta's many bird varieties.

Afterwards, we enjoyed the fall sunshine and scenery of the museum grounds for a while before heading home.

Korean pavilion overlooks the river valley.