Friday, August 21, 2015

Home to the Garden

While we were away, a friend and neighbor checked on things every day and did some watering and picking.  Still, we wondered how the garden was faring.  We came home to a lush jungle of zucchini vines and quite a few overripe cucumbers.

Ripe Apples
The apple crop is very small this year because of late snowstorms during blossom time, but we still have oodles of apple preserved in various ways from the flush of last year.

Tomato Thicket
An experienced friend just told us that our tomatoes would have been ready much sooner if we had pruned the plants back all summer.  He said that when there's too much foliage growth, energy doesn't go to fruit production.  Lesson learned.  Hopefully we can cover the plants when there's frost and still allow the green tomatoes to ripen on the plant.

First Broccoli!
Crazy Cucumber and Zucchini Vines
 Next year, we will stake everything that is stakeable!  With all the lovely growth, everything kind of sprawled horizontally.  We spent several hours thinning out and pruning back zucchini "dragon tails" that stretched a good 10 feet out of their beds.

Beets, Zucchini, Cucumbers

Rainbow Chard
 The asparagus we planted this spring is thriving with all the compost around its roots.  Just before we left on our trip, I transplanted the potted strawberries into the bed so they wouldn't dry out.  We came home to a surprise of beautiful pink strawberry blossoms on the relocated plants.

Variegated Blueberry Shrub