Friday, August 7, 2015

Garden Update

It's hard to believe how gigantic everything has gotten in the garden in the past three weeks!  The zucchinis like to think "outside the box" and have runners at least 6 feet long.  Amazing what a thick bottom layer of compost fertilizer can do for a crop.  Or maybe it's the extra heat this summer, because we've never had growth like this before!

My favorite way to eat yellow zucchini is sauteed in grated garlic, olive oil, sea salt and sprinkled with fresh rosemary.  We've eaten quite a bit of it lately, to the kids' dismay!

Last night's supper was garden fresh - mint tea, hot pink beets, green and yellow beans, sauteed zucchini and a big salad made with rocket, chard and beet leaves, topped with our first small cucumber and a not too peppery radish.  We also had chicken wings, NOT garden fresh. I've been making a simple salad dressing with sushi vinegar and olive oil, very simple and tasty.