Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beaches & Wine

While in B.C., we enjoyed multiple visits to the lake.  Or should I say lakes.  Wood Lake was just a few blocks away, but the kids loved the deep sandy beaches and zip lines over the water at Gyro Park in Kelowna.  

The first few days we were there, the sky was overcast with smoke from a forest fire on the other side of the mountain.  

Every night we air dried our beach towels over the fence.

Our friend Bari did Pinterest-worthy braids and updo's on Kia almost every day.

Bari and I made a visit to the Grey Monk winery in Winfield one evening, sans children. The views were amazing!

A whole deer family was also touring the vineyard that night.  They kept their distance, but they weren't at all scared of us.

Deer in the Grapes

There was a half price day while we were there, so we checked out the local Value Village.  Ry found his little brother an unscratched Cars movie, as well as a pair of Cars slippers, just his size.  Rz fell asleep that night hugging his new slippers.