Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer School

We thoroughly enjoyed a few weeks off from the pressures of school assignments.  But now that we've had a small break, I've reintroduced a modified summer program to keep everybody in flying formation.  A little bit of math work as a reminder so we don't lose last year's progress and a few small at-the-table projects to retain the attention span. 

I'm also taking notes on things that work, for referring to come the next school year.  For example, I've been reminded that Kia feels more relaxed and focused on her written work if she can have some music playing.  They both need frequent scheduled breaks.  They like to know what the lesson plan is, but once in awhile to move the schedule around.  

Above, Ry is making a cover page for our summer history project using the audio version of "Story of the World".

Rz's artwork and a few improper fractions.