Friday, July 17, 2015

Landscaping Day

We finally got our act together and made Thursday the day to get the garden finished.  First step:  Invite Gramma and Grandpa to come help for the day!  

While J, my dad and Ry went to load the rented U-Haul with free wood chip mulch from the Eco Station, I took my mom to our favorite landscaping store, Canar Rock Products on the south side. The pretty and unique berry bushes (Amethyst Coral Bells) we'd picked up the night before turned out to be NOT edible, which is what we were going for.  So we did an exchange for a couple more thriving blueberry bushes.  We got to tour the Mexican pottery and check out the gorgeous rock selection including some with pre-drilled holes for bubbling fountains.

It was a windy, chilly morning so Kia snagged my coat and hung out in the shed with the koi fish while I perused the berry bushes for our replacement.

The koi in the aquatic plant section are gorgeous!

Around lunch time, the guys had brought the truck back full of chips.  We started laying down black landscaping fabric in the pathways, stapling it to the bottom edge of the wooden beds so it won't slip around.

Then we took turns filling wheelbarrows, running them from the truck across the yard to the garden, where the chips got smoothed into place with hands and rakes.  Ry and Kia worked hard too, though it will take a long time before any of us can keep up to Grandpa!

(All photos above this point are from my mom's phone.)

A few of J's guy friends showed up to do a bit of shoveling at the end, so by the time ribs and potato salad were on the table for supper, we were pretty much finished.  

Whew!  Was that ever a lot of work!  We couldn't have done it without the labour of love from Gramma and Grandpa.  It looks AMAZING out there, like a professional landscape job!

The kale liked last night's downpour!

From left to right: Kiwi, Saskatoon, Nanking Cherry, Grape (against the fence) and a lonely Sunflower.  And in the last photo below, these are the roses that remind me of my Granny Sylvia. My mom said that she always grew this kind, along with a pale pink variety.  They smell so good.