Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hot Summer Days

The front garden seems to be getting along just fine even with infrequent waterings.  Slowly the green and flowering things are creeping and taking over.  I'm starting to see the old roots that stick out as miniature sculptures and just part of the charm of this yard-scape.  After we toss a thin layer of garden soil on top of the pine needle layer, I plan to sow perennial wildflower mix freely and let it take over the bare spots and do its own thing.  

Evening meals eaten outside on the patio are one of our favorite things about summer.  Ry created a "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"inspired landscape-on-a-plate the other night.  (No, we haven't turned vegan - the Italian sausages were still on the bbq!)

In small bike-riding victories, the other day I detached my bike from the kid-trailer and rode to meet the rest of the family at the outdoor pool down in Millcreek Ravine.  Just over 7 km each way, which is a personal record for me!  With the slight incline on the ride home, I was a little worried if I'd make it.  J encouraged me to do it anyway, and that I could push the bike if it was too hard.  Going took 30 minutes, coming home took 35 minutes.  I only include the scary photo below to show how hot and sunburned I was when arriving home!  Next time - remember water bottle!