Monday, July 27, 2015

Berry Walk

Berry picking was on our agenda this week.  Then when local friends posted photos of large, juicy saskatoons to Instagram, it became almost urgent!  No one wants to miss the berry season in Edmonton.  After breakfast and a brief schoolwork session, the kids and I were off to the trails overlooking the river near Terwillegar.

Selfie by Kia
Bee on Asters, Photo by Kia
Goldenrod, Photo by Kia
Small Berry Picker, Photo by Kia

Berries were small but plentiful.  In just a few spots, they were large and plump, filling the bucket much faster.

Photo by Kia

It was a sunny morning, with a hint of breeze.  Not a mosquito in sight.  I could have picked for hours!

Brothers, Photo by Kia
But the kids got tired after about an hour of picking.  I couldn't blame them, recalling my own lack of berry picking desire when I was younger!  We figured we'd picked enough to make a great dessert for tonight, and we could always bring J back next time for picking back-up.

The littlest berry picker had a hard time not eating everything he picked!  

What We Picked in About an Hour

When we got home, Rz and I went and picked fresh garden rhubarb to combine with our saskatoons to make a great big berry crumble.  It's in the oven now.