Friday, July 24, 2015

A Walk Through Time

On Thursday we spent the day at Fort Edmonton with my brother D and his wife and sweet girls.  Cute cousin photo ops were everywhere so you may get photo overload!

Waiting for the steam train...

Riding the Ferris Wheel.  Note the dubious expression on J's face!

Petting an Arctic Fox fur.  

My beautiful boy.

In the Hudson's Bay trading post.  In lieu of sisters, Kia is crazy about these girl-cousins of hers.

D has to check out all the carpentry details!

A living history lesson.

Old fashioned pen and ink writing.

Cutest baby ever!  Little T was sooo tired but refused to miss out on any of the action!

The clouds begin to gather above the Fort...

Checking out the cabbage patch.

Waiting out the violent hail storm by playing house, in the upstairs bedroom of a very old house!

After the storm...

The ground was slick with fallen hail and steam was heavy in the air as the warm ground evaporated the ice.

Then the sun came out and all was fresh and green again.  And we pretty much had the park to ourselves cuz everyone else seemed to have left!

Almost ten years and three beautiful baby girls later...

A spontaneous burst of sisterly affection - go figure.

Joyfully running backwards down the boardwalk.

Then we came back to our house where J had made us all a fine chicken dinner.  We sat outside while the sun set, then had a bonfire.  What a fun day!