Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Garden Update

It's been so very hot and dry so far this summer!  We water daily, but even that doesn't seem to be quite enough. Combined with the late start on planting, the garden is a little behind where it has been other years.  We hear that other gardeners are having trouble with crops not coming up, and we have reseeded carrots, beets and beans.

Newly Planted Asparagus
We transplanted asparagus and strawberries into the same bed, and the asparagus is doing well.  It seems that most of the less hardy strawberry plants didn't survive.  I'm hoping the roots are lying dormant in the dry soil and will surprise us next year!  (I can dream, can't I?)

Spotty Pea Growth
In the Pea Bed, I planted sugar peas on one half and shelling peas on the other.  Only the west side sprouted and for the life of me, I can't remember which is which kind!  As you can see above, the weeds are thriving in the pathways! So we are planning to lay down heavy cardboard and wood chip mulch this week.

Sporadic Beets and Carrots

Happy Cucumbers and Zucchini!

Jalapenos Galore!

Tomato Beds Are Thriving

3 Year Old Transplanted Grape
This spring I thought the two grapes by the house had winter killed and I trimmed them really hard, barely hoping there might be some life-force left.  They've grown like crazy in the heat, though. We added two more grapes and two hardy kiwis to our little orchard this year.

Lemongrass and Kale and More Asparagus
J has been taking the bulb remains of the lemongrass we use for tea and sticking it along the edge of one garden bed.  It's coming back!  The asparagus didn't do quite as well in this other bed, so we over-planted with kale, which you can see in the orderly little rows.

Our Little Farm
And there it is.  I can't wait to see the effect of neatly mulched paths!