Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Swimming Progress

J has been taking the older kids to their evening swimming lesson once a week to give me a break. Ry came home the other night with a big surprise, and an even bigger proud grin!

This particular level passed means that he has completed 100 metres freestyle, 100 metres backstroke, begun his breaststroke kick, forward somersault and out-of-water rescues.  A good start on his future goal of being a lifeguard!

Ry and Kia have complained a bit about continuing lessons through the summer.  They've been training week after week, and it does get a little tiring I admit.  We do lots of recreational swimming in summer, which is good exercise too.  However, to take a break for a few months means that they lose their spots in the swimming school, and may have to go on a waiting list in the fall.  I also reminded them that we will be going away this winter, to a certain far away island with a coral reef and world-renowned snorkeling. And that stronger swimmers get to see more cool underwater things. That was enough to keep them going back, at least for the next few months!