Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sweet Ride

After much deliberation, I went to Costco and bought myself a brand new bike and trailer.

I told J it was my present to myself for finishing off another year of homeschooling.  He said it would be my anniversary present for this year!  I can deal with either one.  

I took Rz out in his chariot for a short trial run and it was really fun. He said he needed a pillow so he could have a little nap in there.  I didn't like the seat mounted on the back of my other bike as I always felt too back-heavy to stay balanced, even when Rz was little.  It wasn't a very comfortable bike either. 

My goal is for us to do all of our summer errands that are within Millwoods via bike.  It's certainly doable, at least in theory.   I need to build up these leg and butt muscles little by little so there's not too much pain the day after!  Rz will share the chariot with small amounts of groceries, and the large amounts of library books that we usually bring home!  Once I know the routes better, we can even bike to the outdoor swimming pool in the river valley.  It will give us more freedom on the days that J needs to take the van to visit clients in their offices.  A $250 bike and $300 trailer seem pricey since I'm used to buying things second hand, but it's still cheaper than a second vehicle.  Plus the exercise will do us good.