Friday, June 19, 2015


This handful of peony blossoms cut from near the front door have already given me days of pleasure on the kitchen table.  When one type of flower finishes up (such as the lilacs, recently), it seems like there's something else to take its place.  Ahh, summer.  

I'm always game for "simplifying" though taking action in that regard goes in spurts.  The convention we just had was a good reminder about what things are truly important. 

I made some clerical errors last month resulting in a round of smallish banking disasters that I'm still clearing up, reminding me that I'm juggling too many little bouncy balls!  Today I cancelled a couple unused credit cards.  We were able to adjust a couple other bills to automatic payments and renew our mortgage at a lower interest rate.  

On a personal note, I'm trying to curb my "hunting and gathering" tendencies.  Not bringing home boxes of interesting things from the Reuse Center, just because they're free and might become useful.  Only going shopping (even on a Value Village sale day!) if there is something specific that one of us needs. Tiny steps toward a simpler, more focused life.  The process goes on.