Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Real Life Resumes

Ry asked to borrow my phone Monday morning and came back from the garden with this very cool photo!

Life has picked up where we left off.  Kind of.  The convention we just had lingers in the heart, and it feels like I'm looking at everything from a perspective-shift.  Even the kids are different.  A little kinder to each other, more peaceful with themselves, eager to pursue their own goals in the months to come.

Last week was the end of Grade 6 for Ry, which came shockingly fast.  Kia still has a science report to write before I'm letting her off the hook for Grade 3, but she got started on it Monday afternoon and her mental block about it seems to have lifted.  (Phew!)

So with schoolwork taking a backseat, Monday was a fairly low-key day: checking on the garden's progress, sorting out suitcases and doing laundry, Ry practicing his Bible reading for tomorrow night. I took Rz to his swimming lesson while the bigger kids stayed with J who was working at home today.  So nice to get the necessary things done without a lot of stress.