Friday, June 26, 2015

Maiden Voyage

We did it!  Our first bike trip to the library finally happened today.  

Hot and Tired
Once we got to the library, complete with air conditioning and big comfy chairs, we were in no hurry to head out again!  For a change, I was happy to let the kids get their fill of games on the computers while I perused the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes & Gardens.

My Favorite Almost 4 Year Old!
In hindsight, such a hot day probably wasn't the best for our first big ride.  We ran low on water even though we had each packed a bottle.  Next time:  extra water bottles in the trailer and high calorie snacks for the kids or a picnic lunch.  It took lots of energy!

Google maps said it was about 4 1/2 km and should take 15 minutes but we probably took at least 45 minutes each way.  We had frequent rest breaks for water and to catch our breath, plus we took a couple wrong turns en route which we had to correct for.  It's been many years since I rode a bike any distance, and I forgot how hard on the bum a bike seat is!  

I tried to encourage tired kids (and myself) with the assurance that each time will get a little easier. Not sure they believed me, but we made it home again - sweaty, thirsty and very hungry.  We'll go again in a few days when our jelly-like muscles have recovered. 

J met with clients downtown today, so he took the bus to save the expense of parking.  When we got home from our ride, it was really strange to have the van just sitting unused in the driveway.  But oh so eco-friendly!