Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Girl Date

Kia and I were overdue for some one-on-one time.  So Monday afternoon, the boys got to spend some time with their favorite babysitter while Kia and I went out.

We had been told that Quizno's has gluten free subs and we've been looking forward to it for awhile. How disappointing to get there and find out that GF is no longer available.  So we staved off hunger pangs with Lara bars and went thrift shopping.  By 5-ish we had taken care of our wardrobe gaps and were on the way home.

At the last minute, I pulled in to a Second Cup so we could have a cup of tea together and visit a little longer.  Then we spotted a Boston Pizza and those hunger pangs kicked in again!  It wasn't difficult for Kia to talk me into getting supper instead of tea.

Baked GF Chicken Wings
GF & Cheese-Free Pizza
We've had their yummy GF pizza before, which is much "poufier" than most gluten free crusts.  A mistake was made in the kitchen and cheese was added to our pizza despite instructions.  So they boxed up the cheesy one for us to take home for the dairy eaters in the family, and made a fresh bacon and fresh tomato pizza to spec.

Those crispy chicken wings, though.  TO DIE FOR!  I tried to inquire about ingredients in order to recreate them, but they said "just olive oil, salt and pepper".  Now on the list of food to experiment with at home!