Monday, June 1, 2015


This dreadful unwellness that has seized my body for the last month seems to be slowly dying out. (UTI and Upper Respiratory Infection.)  Today I take the last pill of my second round of antibiotics, and will be going hard at the prebiotics, probiotics, and anything else I can think of to rebuild my gut and immune system.  I'm still pretty weak, without much energy, but every day I manage to get something useful done, so this is progress.

J accidentally put dairy milk (instead of soy) in my coffee this morning, so I spent a few hours hacking and coughing again.  Then I juiced myself a tall glass of lettuce-cucumber-tomato-garlic-lemon-ginger and got it down as quickly as possible, which seemed to kill the cough.  Good reminder that my body doesn't cope well with dairy at least for now and to not even think about cheesecake type things.  (Mmm, cheesecake...  Ooops.)

One evening while Ry and Kia were at their class, Rz and I took a mini nature stroll near the sewing studio.  Lilacs were at their finest, and we photo-captured a few of the best ones that were peeking above backyard fencelines.

And some violets that carpeted the ravine floor.

Then there was the day that Small Boy was doing flips on one of the hammocks.  The last flip ended abruptly with his forehead against one of the wooden supports.  He's been sporting several scabs and a purple and yellow eyelid all week.  Hasn't slowed him down much though!