Monday, May 4, 2015

Under the Weather

Saturday morning, Kia woke up with a lot to say about not feeling good.  Being that she often struggles to get out of bed in the morning, I hustled her along anyway, thinking the wimpiness would pass once she was dressed and moving.  It didn't.  She had some orange juice, but when offered breakfast, this was the look on her face.  The word  "bilious" comes to mind.

At precisely 9:28 a.m. it was evident that neither she nor I were going to be going out.  She spent the morning on the couch, occasionally waking to throw up again.  (My stash of old icecream pails from the Reuse Center comes in handy when needing a container you have no desire to keep afterwards!)

When J came home around noon, I headed out to do a few errands.  Bringing my girl home a get-well present seemed like a good excuse to pick up some plants at Home Depot.  The begonias were lovely shades of rose, peach and salmon and choosing was difficult.  I settled on these two to center in the big pots on either side of her balcony.  She is a begonia kind of girl, and these did make her smile.

After a few hours, she asked for some toast with apple jam and some blueberry tea.  And rapidly recovered from that point.  By evening, she was as content as can be, creating fashion designs in her sketchbook in front of the fire.  (Well, with sassy socks like these, what do you expect!)

Speaking of fashion, we've enrolled her in a Monday evening sewing class not too far from us.  We both love shopping for second hand finds and it's certainly less expensive and time consuming than sewing an entire wardrobe from scratch.  But she is an artist and an innovator, and this seems like as good a creative outlet as any!  I've been tempted to buy a good Serger so we can work with knits, but we'll see how the classes go for awhile before making such a big investment.