Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday Garden Update

Welcome back to the garden for another walk-about. (I feel all exotic and Australian when I use that word!) These photos were taken Saturday afternoon.

Spring is having trouble getting started this year.  Or at least it seems late to me, as the fruit trees are just beginning to leaf in our yard.  

A ways back, when we cut down that old birch at the rental property, I snagged a nice lot of them and laid them in the dry shade under the spruce corridor beside the house.  As soon as our shiitake plugs arrive from Veseys, I will be drilling holes all over these babies and impregnating them with the mushroom spawn.  

A few longer, slender branches were too pretty to burn or bury under the garden beds, so we just set them in pots on either side of the garage!  Isn't birch bark just the prettiest thing?  Very soon, I will be planting clematis vines in those pots, and they can use the birch branches for a sort of primitive trellis.

The wooden bunnies that Kia and Rz painted in the winter have been staked around the yard.  This pink nosed little lady is guarding a Nanking cherry sapling that survived the winter.

The sky on Saturday was beautifully dramatic.  In the span of a few hours we had sun, storm clouds, snow, hail, rain, then sun again, all before sunset.  

And because gardens aren't all just about the pretty flowers, here's a closeup of compost in the making.  The enormous piles from a few weeks ago are already dirt at the bottom.  Our veggies and flowers will be enjoying a delicious vegan recipe of food scraps, cardboard egg cartons, dried leaves and branches, past years' shredded tax returns, grass clippings, and the enormous mound of 3:1:1 soil mix we had dumped on our driveway the other day.  

In summary, the grass is getting greener...

The rhubarb has made a fine start...

The firepit is stocked for next time we want a fire...

We feel blessed!

So then we came in for supper.  Homemade borscht (one of the few things I make better than J!), spicy sausages and most of one watermelon.  We prefer the old fashioned seeded watermelon varieties when we can get them, but this one was packed with juice and flavor anyway.  First watermelon of the season goes down real easy!

The evening was cool-ish, and we had a nice fire in the stove while we studied together.

Then about 9 pm, the solar string lights above the patio popped on against the backdrop of storm clouds above the dying embers of sunset.  A nice end to a photogenic afternoon.